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The following, not specially selected photographic materials at one time gave reason to think about the nature of various "anomalous" phenomena to those supporters of studying, in particular, the UFO phenomenon, who later created the Association Ecology of the Unknown. It grew out of a group of enthusiasts led by associate professor of the MAI Felix Yurievich Ziegel, whose closest associate was the optical physicist Alexander Sergeyevich Kuzovkin. Academician Vlail Petrovich Kaznacheyev became the scientific patron of the Association.

In the second half of the seventies - in the eighties, amateur (sometimes of very poor quality) photographic material with images of "anomalous" phenomena that struck the imagination of its authors flocked to Alexander Kuzovkin. These were domestic and much less often foreign photos and negatives. Kuzovkin, as a professional optician, rejected one part of this material, subjected the other to analysis using the technical means and techniques available at that time and made a conclusion about its truthfulness. He himself took photographs, and according to the method developed by him with the use of special light filters.

Years have passed. There were few participants left in the events that excited the public at that time. Some of the materials were lost. The long-stored photos have faded, the negatives have faded, the exact dates, places, circumstances of filming and details of the recorded phenomena have been forgotten. The quality of the photo archive itself has decreased. The use of computer tools allowed, however, even after many years, to reveal very interesting details in old photos.

But it's not about the photos themselves. They are not placed here as proof of the objective existence of UFOs and other phenomena that have not yet been explained. These very phenomena have already really entered our life and have an ever-increasing impact on it...

We just recall here how the ASSOCIATION ECOLOGY OF THE UNKNOWN was born, formed and began its work.


Photo materials of the public and scientific conferences "Ziegel Readings" in chronological order, since 1991.


Below are photos from the events organized by the Association: the public-scientific conference "Ziegel Readings", press conferences with the participation of foreign experts, meetings of the "Living Room of Miracles", etc. , as well as from events in which the Association's experts participated: interviews, press conferences, filming of TV shows, etc.

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