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SEMYONOV Alexander Evgenyevich


President of the Association

Professor (2013), member of the Presidium (2016), Honorary PhD (2021) of the

Academy of Geopolitical Problems

Honorary Academician of the International Academy of Energy-Information Sciences

Academician of the International Academy Information, Communication, Management in Technology, Nature and Society

Honorary Academician of the Russian Regional Public Organization Academy for the Study of Problems of Information and Applied Anomology

General Director of Ecology of the Unknown, LLC

Short biography



Periodic scientific information bulletin Anomaly

Scientific analytical works in the field of UFO study

Peace In Space Treaty (an article in the Nexus magazine)

Attention - Intellect, or the World Order of the Destiny of Humanity

The Last Card. Out From Shadows

Global Intelligence: Enough Weapons!

Find more works here


Appearance in the mass media

Since 1998 has been on television and radio broadcasts, as well as on Internet portals more than 900 times:

Participant of radio programs of VGTRK, Echo of Moscow, Russian Radio, Mayak, RSN,

Kommersant FM, Komsomolskaya Pravda, 360, etc.

Participant of numerous TV-programs of REN, TVC, MTRK Mir, Astro-TV, Channel 1, NTV, TV-3, STS, Russia-1, Russia-2, Zvezda, OTR, Channel 5, CTV, DTV, Life News, Moscow-Trust, etc., as well as Internet TV channels, including NTDtv, Global Wave, MediaMetrics, Forbidden History, Protohistory Association, RusSvet, Tercer Milenio (Mexico), Peaceinspace (USA), Grani Realnosti (Russia), Nekrasova-LIVE, Channel 56, etc.


Inevitable consequences of the placement of weapons in Outer Space

The Call to Peaceful Space (Address of the President of the Association)

NO to Space-Bases Weapons! (The Second Address of the President of the Association)

Other videos on our YouTube channel

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