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Description of the project.

Young Cosmonauts School (hereinafter referred to as YCS) is being created under the auspices of the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center (hereinafter referred to as the GCTC), as a global network of local educational and training centers for children and youth united by a common goal that are to be established and will independently function in those countries, whose cosmonauts (astronauts) have ever been and/or will ever be trained in the GCTC.


The goal of the project.

Relying on the advanced developments and achievements of the GCTC in the field of selection and training of cosmonauts, as well as on the potential inherent in Russian Cosmism, to form in the participants of the Project a new worldview of a creative nature and, against this background, to introduce into society a system of ethical education, supported by a system of studying the basics of a healthy lifestyle, which is the trait of every cosmonaut.


Project objectives.

1) Development of programs and methods of education and training of young cosmonauts.

2) The creation in Russia, under the auspices of the GCTC, of a Training Center for Young Cosmonauts – the Young Cosmonauts School – as a standard, model and exemplar of an educational and training center for children and youth with the aim of further spreading and developing a network of similar centers around the world (see the item “Description of the project”).

3) The formation of an initiative group from among active cosmonauts and astronauts, which will, on the example of the Russian YCS, create and promote similar local educational and training centers in their countries.

4) Informational, engineering, moral, ethical and physical preparation of the project participants – children and youth – for the possibility and prospect of mastering the profession of "Cosmonaut" ("Astronaut").

5) Organization of the experience, knowledge and achievements exchange process between the representative offices of the YCS around the world.

6) Organization and holding of annual gatherings (conferences) of young cosmonauts on the territory of Russia under the auspices of the GCTC in order to get acquainted, exchange experience and form a joint plan and work programs united by a common creative goal.

7) Conducting regular live and/or online seminars (webinars) in local centers around the world.

8) The employment of the global YCS network to promote the ideas of Russian Cosmism and the Russian School of Psychoenergetics.

9) Formation of a stable environment for peaceful and constructive international communication and cooperation.

10) Creation of a social network for the exchange of information and operational interaction between all project participants.

11) Issue of periodical printed materials (informational thematic bulletins, the magazine “Young Cosmonaut”, brochures, manuals, heralds of YCS, etc.).

12) Recording, filming and release of audio and video products on the subject of YCS activities, including documentaries and feature films, video blogs, audio podcasts, radio broadcasts, songs, interviews etc.

13) Attracting the attention of the media and the entire world community to the importance of moral and ethical education of the younger generation; promotion of healthy lifestyle and a call for peaceful international cooperation.

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